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Pat Niemeyer
712 Payson Dr., St. Louis, MO 63132-3310

Independent Consulting and Writing, 1996 - 2010
Author of the best selling books Exploring Java and Learning Java, O'Reilly & Associates

Learning Java, the first book in the O'Reilly Java series is one of the top selling Java books of all publishers. Learning Java is available worldwide in nine languages and used as the text for many University Java courses. Winner of the 2001 Java Pro Reader's Choice award for Best introductory Java book. The book introduces the core Java language and goes into depth about important topics including Swing, Networking, Web Applications, and XML. The third edition of Learning Java covers Java 5.0 language additions including a chapter on Generics, full coverage of the new concurrent programming package, Java Web Services, and many new XML related APIs.

Creator of the BeanShell Java Scripting Language, 1997 - 2008

Author and primary developer of the popular BeanShell Java Scripting Language. BeanShell is a Java syntax compatible scripting language widely used for application prototyping, scripting extension, configuration, and testing as well as for teaching and educational purposes. BeanShell executes standard Java syntax and adds common scripting conventions such as optionally loosely typed variables, method closures, and an extensive set of built-in commands. BeanShell is distributed with Emacs as part of the JDE, with the Weblogic application server, and with Sun Microsystem's NetBeans Java IDE. It is also used in hundreds of commercial and open source applications ranging from financial rules engines to games. BeanShell is the subject of JSR-274 which will standardize the language.

Spec lead of the Java Community Process Expert Group for JSR-274, 2005-present

Spec lead of the expert group for JSR-274 which will standardize the BeanShell Java scripting language.

Member of the Java Community Process Expert Group for JSR-223, 2004-present

Member of the expert group for the JSR-223 which defined the new javax.script API for standardized Java scripting language integration and Web Application scripting.

Intellectual Property Consulting 2009-present

Expert witness analysis and testimony. Cases:
- JPMorgan Chase vs. ACS. 08-CV-00189-SLR (D.DEL.)
- ePlus Inc. vs. Lawson: Deposed and testified at trial. 09-CV-620-REP (E.D.Va.)

Independent Consulting, 2008-2011

Worked on a number of software development projects including: the design of a highly scalable, behavioral targeting ad server platform for Value Commerce, the largest web advertiser in Asia. Work for Terracotta, a Java Virtual Machine clustering technology company. Software projects for the Army Corps of Engineers. Advanced iPhone application research.

Senior Architect / Consultant, Bank of America Securities, New York 2005-2007

Worked on the architecture and implementation of advanced Java middle tier systems and components. Areas included cross platform messaging, grid computing, and development of analytical applications utilizing Weblogic, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss Rules, Acegi and Securent security products, Gigaspaces, and various proprietary systems.

Senior Architect / Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 2004-2005

Application architect for the TGANet government accounting system, which is assuming responsibility for U.S. federal cash deposits for all agencies. This is a web based application using Weblogic, Hibernate, Struts, and involved the development of secure XML based inter-bank communication protocols.

Senior Architect / Consultant, Edward Jones 2003 - 2004.

Participated in review and migration of enterprise applications to Weblogic J2EE architecture. Participated in application and architecture design reviews for performance and security issues. Lead team which developed a prototype application for the new platform using JSP and Struts front end with JOLT Tuxedo services for mainframe connectivity. Responded to Java questions and problems from developers and served in a mentoring role.

Senior Architect / Consultant, A.G. Edwards 2001 - 2003.

Designed Enterprise Services and Application Architecture for A.G. Edwards. Participated in detailed review of an enterprise scale, client facing application using JSP, XML, and J2EE technologies including advanced Weblogic Clustering. Worked with BEA engineers and A.G.E senior staff on extensive redesign and simplification. Developed original tools for highly available, wide area distributed J2EE clustering on Weblogic, providing cluster health monitoring and automated cluster failover. Developed Enterprise Services architecture using J2EE and Castor JDO Object-Relational Mapping. Developed XML based tools for resource management. Mentored Java developers and groups on Java technology issues and responded to questions and problems.

Senior Architect / Consultant,, 1999 - 2000

Designed and developed components of a multi-tier Java Servlet and XML based multimedia search engine. The project utilized an XSL/XSLT based front-end enabling both end consumer and business-to-business sales of search results, co-branding, and partnering. Lead team which designed and developed a consumer oriented on-line music storage service. Project included large scale storage infrastructure, media content management and security, high scalability and high availability.

Senior Architect / Consultant, Strata Group, Inc., 1998 - 1999

Design and development of an advanced, Java based, telephone switch provisioning system. Project involved a multi-tier architecture with advanced GUI, application server components, rule based logic and evaluation framework, and a highly scalable communications layer using Sockets and RMI.

Independent Consulting, 1996 - 1998

Design and development of a suite of proprietary web based Java business applications for Technology Applications Inc. On-going consulting for Edward Jones, Inc. on Java applications and network infrastructure, system integration, etc.

Process Specialist, Southwestern Bell, 1995

Developed interface components for the Advanced Intelligent Network project. Integration of Bellcore TOPCOM protocol and Tuxedo transaction processing for a Solaris/ sparc 2000 platform.

Systems Architect Consultant, Edward D. Jones, 1994 to 1995

Worked in the New Technologies group on enterprise wide Client/Server migration and transition to Object Oriented development tools. Primarily responsible for the design and implementation of an ONC compliant RPC gateway for communications between EDJ's 4000 branches and an IBM mainframe over a satellite TCP/IP network. Project involved networked Transaction Processing, automated Code Generation, and GUI development. Provided analysis of CASE and Object Oriented tools, Inter-Process Communications mechanisms, APIs standards, and Design Methodologies.

Member of Technical Staff, Southwestern Bell Technology Resources, 1993 to 1994

Responsible for TRI's research and production UNIX networks and for development of the inter-subsidiary Wide Area Network for which TRI provides Internet connectivity. Responsible for Internet Security and implementation of T.R.I.'s World Wide Web services. Provided production network and platform analysis for T.R.I.'s largest development group. Developed tools for Network Security and Software Management including an integrated user environment / software package system, system configuration software, and World Wide Web based employee locator, paging, and WAIS information systems.

Systems Engineer, Innerlink Systems, Inc., 1989 to 1993

Responsible for the design and development of all components of a large, UNIX based, Messaging, FAX, and Alphanumeric Paging system for the message service industry. Project included hardware integration and development of several real-time UNIX Device Drivers, reverse engineering and coding of a variety of standard and proprietary communications protocols, distributed system management, database design, and user interface development. System components included configuration and monitoring tools, software distribution and installation mechanisms, and early Internet Gateway software.

Resume in Printable Format