Pat Niemeyer
712 Payson Dr., St. Louis, MO 63132-3310

Independent Consulting and Writing
Author of the best selling books Exploring Java and Learning Java, O'Reilly & Associates

Learning Java has been one of the top selling Java books for many years and is available worldwide in nine languages. Winner of the 2001 Java Pro Reader's Choice award for Best introductory Java book. The book introduces the core Java language and goes into depth about important topics including Swing, Networking, Web Applications, and XML. The third edition of Learning Java covers Java 5.0 language additions including a chapter on Generics, full coverage of the new concurrent programming package, Java Web Services, and many new XML related APIs.

Creator of the BeanShell Java Scripting Language

Author and primary developer of the popular BeanShell Java Scripting Language. BeanShell is a Java syntax compatible scripting language widely used for application prototyping, scripting extension, configuration, and testing as well as for teaching and educational purposes. BeanShell has been used in hundreds of commercial and open source applications ranging from financial rules engines to games. BeanShell is the subject of JSR-274 which will standardize the language.

Co-Founder Present Company ( - San Francisco 2016-

Developed Present - A social networking App offering real time location based discovery and chat with enhanced privacy features for women. Along with my two co-founders created a prototype, raised funding, and brought the product to market. Ongoing work on server and client code for the project in Swift, Objective-C, HTML5, and Java.

CTO, chief architect Ikayzo Inc. - New York, Tokyo, Honolulu, St. Louis 2009-2016

Worked on advanced financial applications. Designed and developed a realtime options pricing system for APM Funds. Worked on an advanced financial analysis platform including development of a new scripting language incorporating features of C# and the R statistical programming languages. Worked on advanced analytics and trade desk applications for Wells Fargo and PIMCO financial institutions.

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